Optical Alignment

A good Chinese font will have a composed optical center. The optical center refers to the composition of the character along a sentence. The balance and coherent optical centre words allow a smoother reading experiences while non-structural type creates a jumpy reading experience for the reader. It is often rare to find a font that is properly composed to align all words in the centre.

For simple characters that uses less radicals, the optical centre are often found in the center of the square. For “Side Align” characters, majority of the optical center are align at the 1/6 point of square for better composition to meet the golden ratio. It is still possible for words to align in the centre depending on the character form.

For complicated radicals characters, it is often seen to split the optical centre into three different sections. It can be dissected to become a top to bottom alignment or a left to right alignment. the optical centre have to be adjust first for the individual radicals and further refine as a composite character.